yU – Before Taxes Album Review

1. Before Taxes Intro

Satchford:I like this. The intro is straight to the point. yU rips, speaking that Before Taxes mean Hip Hop. After Taxes = Rap
Satchford:the beat is smooth, I like it
SwagGordon: I think that the intro is alright
Satchford:why so?
SwagGordon: the beat doesn’t really give you that monumental feel
SwagGordon: like “hey this is going to be a hell of an album”
SwagGordon: don’t get me wrong he spits that knowledge bone Continue reading

“Sorry, we don’t carry that CD”

Yesterday was a big day, I thought. I get off of work and immediately I go to the nearest retail stores that I always buy my CDs from to look for Black Milk’s Album Of The Year album. I left feeling totally disgusted. I’m the type who really¬†cherishes owning a physical copy of a classic or near classic album (the rest get thrown like frisbees out the window) so I was really looking forward to picking up this Black Milk joint.

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Top 10 Alchemist Beats

If you’re a true hip hop listener, you should be very familiar with producer, The Alchemist. Ever since I first heard his work on Nas’ God’s Son album, Alchemist has been in my Top 10. From there I went back to his major production debut on Mobb Deep’s, Murda Muzik. I’ve searched and searched to hear all the Alchemist beats I could. His style is all street. You won’t hear Alchemist producing for the next pop star (although that would be dope to see) because his beats are so street. So I compiled my personal Top 10 Alchemist Beats list. The ordering wasn’t an easy task to do but check it out…

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