Kanye Who?

Take a sniff of this

side effects = Overdosing

Black Milk – “Keep Going” off his Album of the Year


If it aint directed directly at me I can’t respect it…

Just recently Eminem dropped another album that he promised would make up for his recent let downs. He says that it is a composition of his work which may imitate the sounds off his most lethal albums, ranging from Infinite to The Marshall Mathers LP. I believe he delivered on his promise on his newest album Recovery. On one song, “Seduction”, that I have been listening to constantly; I hear something in the second verse that has been twisting my noodle for a while. Continue reading

Biggie’s beat from All About the Benjamins

For the longest I’ve been wondering where the sample came from off that All About the Benjamins when Biggie starts to rap. Also, since that sample is so unique why hasn’t anyone used it? From my knowledge the Hitmen produced the beat and since I can’t find my No Way Out cassette (don’t front like you didn’t bump a cassette back in the day) I can not recall if the sample was sited or not. Continue reading

Drake’s Thank Me Later Album Review

Fireworks ft. Alicia Keys

Satchford: I like it. It’s slow and melodic and he’s talking about something. The beat bangs
Satchford: I like the harmonizing in the background by A. Keys, its smooth
SwagGordon: I agree…I’m kind of disappointed that he chose to start off rapping but his substance is pretty good compared to what I’ve heard him rap about before
SwagGordon: I would have preferred hearing a song where he’s singing
Satchford: So you prefer him to sing?
SwagGordon: correct!
Satchford: hmm…ok. Fair enough Continue reading

“One of the most creative LPs ever to hit stores”

On a sunny Sunday morning, I’m scrolling through my iTunes and stumble upon a slept on classic, Nas’ It Was Written.  I remember my cousin had the cassette tape back in ’96 and the only song I knew was “If I Ruled The World”. I never knew the type of substance that was on that tape that day until I bought the album a few years ago.  I don’t care what no one says, this is one of the most slept on albums of the 90s. So many people diss this album. Of course it’s not better than the debut, illmatic, but man it’s easily my 2nd favorite Nas album. Continue reading